See how the public sector is working to promote healthy eating, fitness, and awareness and funding programs across the U.S.

High Costs of Obesity are Personal

What are the personal costs of obesity? From mobility issues to bone and muscle loss to an increase in mortality risks, the toll of carrying extra pounds exacts a high price... Read More >

State Agencies Get Fit

With bragging rights at stake, state government agencies in Texas are getting fit with the inaugural Get Fit Texas State Agency Challenge... Read More >

Report: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — Examining the Evidence to Define Benefit Adequacy

A January 2013 report from researchers at the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council calls for changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that would allow program participants’ benefit amounts to be determined by factors beyond income... Read More >

San Antonians Team Up to Slim Down

San Antonio’s civic leaders and medical community are looking for the best ways to change this deeply ingrained “culture of obesity” — to get city residents to eat better and exercise more. Read More >

The (Not-So) Thin Blue Line: Obesity Challenges Police Academies

Some Texas law enforcement agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit cadets physically fit enough to become peace officers... Read More >

Long Live Texans

Long Live Texans is developed and managed by the Texas Department of State Health Service. Long Live Texans connects agencies, organizations and communities working collaboratively in the state’s Coordinated Chronic Disease Initiative. Read More >

Fighting Obesity at the Local Level: What Works

Why El Paso has been the most effective region in Texas in finding tools to fight childhood obesity. Read More >

Policies Affect Obesity Rates - Dell, UT Study

Local government initiatives that have been effective in lowering obesity rates are identified in this downloadable report from the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine. Read More >

50 State Health Facts

An interactive index of how all 50 states and the District of Columbia are using state law to arm themselves in the fight against obesity. Read More >

Building Healthy Texans

This site provides guidance and resource for assisting Texas state agency wellness planners. Read More >