Obesity presents unique challenges to businesses at a great cost. Reshaping Texas strives to help businesses better understand how obesity affects the bottom line, and how to implement fitness and wellness programs in the workplace.

Why Should Texas Employers Care About Obesity?

Why Should Texas Employers Care About Obesity? Obesity continues to cost Texans billions of dollars annually, and the tab is skyrocketing. And while obesity is a national crisis, the number of obese children and adults in Texas is disproportionately higher than other states... Read More >

‘Walk with the Doc’ Steps Up Activity, Community in South Texas

Dr. Belinda Jordan, bariatrician for the Renaissance Bariatric and Metabolic Institute in Edinburg, leads “Walk With the Doc,” a group exercise program designed to increase physical activity in the community. The informal group meets from 6 to 7 p.m... Read More >

Fit for the Task: Obesity and Physically Demanding Work

Obesity may have a harsh impact on Texas companies hiring for physically challenging jobs — those in construction, homebuilding, oil exploration and more. Read More >

Texas Restaurant Association Champions Menu Redo

How the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) is bringing more nutritional information and healthier options to diners. Read More >

Article Examines Workplace Weight Loss Programs

This Health Affairs article examines weight management programs at the workplace, and employer and employee views on these programs. Abstracts from the peer-reviewed journal are available online but access to full articles is by subscription. Read More >

Better Health Doesn't Always Come at High Cost

This January 2010 identifies ways companies can make positive changes to employee insurance plans without taking on substantial costs. Read More >

Body Not Spirit: The Costs of Mental Absenteeism

Workers that are physically but not mentally present on the job may be costing companies more than direct health-care costs and absenteeism combined, as this article examines. Read More >

Employers Incentivize Being Non-Obese, Smoke-Free

This Harvard Public Health Review article examines the strategies used by employers to reduce healthcare and insurance costs with emphasis on cutting tobacco use and obesity. Read More >

Examples of U.S. Employer-Sponsored Wellness and Weight Management Programs

This 2009 article describes the employer perspective on the cost impact of obesity. Read More >

Good Health Choices Can Mean Better Health Benefits

This 2009 study focuses on a new type of insurance benefit that encourages people to make healthier choices by offering benefit incentives. Read More >